1. Introduction:

    Concise description:
    • xRope is an IDE (VB-like or Delphi-like) for Python.
    • It uses an emacs-like editor ("rope").
    • It has a build-in Graphical Builder, a Project Manager, a file manager and an integrated code checker.
    • XRope is lightweight and fast.


    • Provide a decent Builder for Python developers, using reliable, portable components.

    New in version 1.4.4:

    • Multi-platform version: Works Under Liunx, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
    • Installation procerure under Windows:
      1. Python 2.5 (www.pyhton.org) is a prerequisit, it is assumed to be installed at: C:\python25\ , otherwise the environment script might have to be edited accordingly.
      2. Unzip the source on c:\ , it creates the folder c:\xrope-1.4.4
      3. Check that the scripts set_env.bat and set_env.py contain the correct location of Python 2.5 on your system. The default is C:\python25. If Python is installed at another location on your system, please change modify set_env.bat and set_env.py accordingly.
      4. run the batch file set_env.bat
      5. run the installation command: python setup.py install (as system manager) .
      6. To run the application xRope: C:\python25\python.exe xrope.py
      7. Preferred directory to store your python source code:
      • c:\workspace
      • or c:\users\yourname\workspace (for instance)
      • But NOT c:\"My Documents"\workspace (xRope doesn's cope yet with spaces in paths)
    • Installatin Under Linux:
      1. "python setup.py install" (Debian, as root) or "sudo python setup intall" (Ubuntu)
      2. to run: python /usr/bin/xrope
      3. NB: python 2.5 is a prerequisit
  2. New in version 1.4.3:

    New in version 1.4.0:


    New in version 1.2.9:

    Long-term aim: